It all started with four strings of lights, a love for Christmas, a few childhood memories, and a desire to share. A lot has changed since we decorated our first apartment in 1992! In 2010, our family committed to maintaining our display as a visual reminder of the true meaning of Christmas – celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We pray daily for the viewers of Christmas show – that the Light of Jesus may shine through and into the hearts of those who choose to visit.

*** Show is over for the season – thank you and have a blessed New Year ***

Each year we attempt to brighten the sky and warm the hearts of visitors viewing our home at 1729 Park Point Rd in Waconia, Minnesota. This year’s show runs from 4pm until 10:00pm, starting on November 27 and ending on January 3rd. The lights are synchronized to music playing over a low-power FM transmitter – tune your car radio to 97.7 when you arrive.  Please note, some of the newer car radios (HD or Satellite) do not receive stereo broadcasts from home transmitters and unfortunately, we do not have a way to get sound onto your radio!  In these cases some people bring battery-operated standard radios so they might still enjoy the music.


You can find our home at
1729 Park Point Rd in Waconia, MN.
1729 Park Point Rd, Waconia, MN 55387