Display 2007

The Zajac family Christmas display in 2007 saw two major changes. First, we changed over from regular incandescent Christmas lights to the new energy-efficient LED Christmas lights. The other major change was increasing from 64 individually-controlled “elements” up to 320. In 2006 (pre-LED) we actually required an electrical upgrade to the house – a normal electrical service required to run everything in a house is 200 amps. We needed an additional 200 amps just for the garage and Christmas lights! In 2006 we had essentially maxed out our extra 200 amps (the show ran on 185 amps). In 2007, with the addition of the LED lights, we were able to run approximately 40,000 lights out of a single 20-amp outlet!

We were so fascinated by the special look of LED lighting, that we decided to maintain a goal of at least 90% LED for each successive year. As you will see in our 2008 display, we’ve more than doubled the number of lights – we can’t wait to get started!

The photo that serves as our logo was from 2007 – even the green lights washing the house are LED.