Display 2009

christmas08_03Our 2009 display is the Zajac family’s largest and most active ever! Last year’s 2008 display had about 100,000 lights. This year we are just over 150,000 – 95% are LED again this year. New this year are arches in the driveway, a new look to the lamppost, and more lighting on the house. In 2008 we had 850 individual computer-controlled elements in the display. This year, the count is up to more than 1000!

We have 4 songs this year. If you like the music please support the artists by purchasing their work online (links to Amazon mp3 downloads):

– We Three Kings (New Version): Go Fish

Remember: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late): Alvin and the Chipmonks

Believe: Josh Groban

As usual, the family is pitching in with the normal amount of encouragement:

Alexander our oldest child (now 16 and driving!) has helped a lot plugging in cords and helping with some of the computer testing. He also helped create some “mega balls” of lights (4 different colors) that I could then wrap around the arches.

Michael (almost 15) has been pretty busy with hockey this season to have time or energy to help much, and Melissa (9) is at least honest “No thanks dad.”

Christopher (7) and Laura (5) have helped with string lights on one big tree, as well as getting lights out of packages in preparation for decorating.

Jonathan (12) has helped with our “mega ball” project as well as getting the multicolor-changing LED bulbs ready for the big tree by our house. Thomas (2 1/2) spent hours outside helping me hang the wreathes on the house and bringing extension cords to me when needed. He also randomly comes outside and shoots me with a toy guy then runs away. That part is cute but not so helpful.

Julie is working harder than I am, holding the new baby and coordinating everything else that somehow still gets down around our household this time of year.