Display 2014

Display update: 12/13/14

I think we have set a record for numbers of days with the show running without any rabbits chewing through cords, or water short-circuiting the display, or ice damaging the flood lights, or otherwise random bad stuff.  That is so awesome!  As we approach Christmas and the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, I find myself reflecting on how AWESOME it is that we can share in the personal journeys of those who come to see the show. 

Display update: 12/3/14

Our show is running for the year!  We have a few bushes to tweak and several “shimmers” that need to be changed to “twinkles” – working on that this weekend.  So thankful for our son Christopher who checks the circuit panel each day and turns on the power for us while I am at work, Jonny for his ongoing assessment of any problems when he gets home from school, and Julie for keeping an eye on the rest.  Oh, and Jonny (now 17) has assumed the role of bringing the cars back into the driveway each night when the show ends.  At 10pm, he runs out a block away where we park and returns the vehicles.  Of note, we did have one car tonight email us and let us know they could not hear the music on their radio.  We could hear it in the house and in our own car so not sure what was happening, but keeping our eyes open for any glitches!

Display update: 11/30/14

After a few delays, we are so very close to having the show up and running this year!  While we love the snow, the early storms we’ve had led to unexpected electrical issues.  I suppose after 7 years of this, it shouldn’t have caught us off guard.  Regardless, we have a few things to tweak but the show itself is in final testing stages.  Thanks to Jonny and Christopher for putting in quite a few hours digging through snow to uncover cords and finish plugging in display elements!