nativityYou might have noticed our Nativity is always on during the songs.  Every other part of the display blinks, twinkles, fades, flashes, strobes or toggles on/off – but the Nativity is on during the songs without any dazzle.  It stands alone, for us, as a constant reminder of why we invest our time, energy, and resources into the display – to honor and glorify God with our efforts!  Inside our home we also have another lighted Nativity that stays on as another reminder to us that we do what we do in celebration of the birth of Jesus and helping spread the Gospel.

God has blessed our family in so many different ways, it is overwhelming to even stop and try to reflect on them all!  It becomes so easy, then, to just raise our hearts and voices in thanks.  Every night in our family, usually around 8pm, we gather around and pray.  Even the youngest children participate.  Bethany (age 5) smiles and raises her arms when she says, “Amen!”  During the hours of the light display, we are also frequently praying for the cars we see in cul-de-sac.

As the years move forward, it is our hope that visitors to our display might share stories of their Faith in Jesus Christ as well!

Westwood Community Church

Westwood Community Church

We are members at Westwood Community Church and enjoy the teachers of Pastor Joel Johnson and his ministry team.  You can watch or listen to recordings of past messages by Pastor Joel.  We are sure you will find Biblical truth, love, and direction!