Display update: 01/04/2016

The show is officially done for the year!  Thank you to everyone who sent us letters and notes of appreciation – the consensus opinion shared with us was “this was one of the best shows ever!”  Thank you for that!!!  Based on traffic patterns, we estimate that over 3000 cars visited this year, about the same as last year.  It isn’t about the number of cars, though, it is all about our community having 1) a display that brings the community together each year and 2) for those listening to the synchronized music, hearing the message of Christ through the songs.  How awesome is that!!!  Wishing everyone a blessed New Year!  Oh, we should note, with the Vikings in the playoffs – we will light up the house purple and gold during the game(s) and will likely have the strobe lights blasting each time we score :).

Display update: 12/10/2015

I think we have officially set a record for “things haven’t gone wrong yet” with our display!  Normally by this time of year the rabbits have chewed through the cords, the frost has disrupted the electronics, or one of the kids have run over the lights with the car.  So far so good!!  Things are starting to pick up with traffic – so we are reminding people the best viewing times are 4:30-6 right now.  6-9pm tends to be busier, and slows down again until the end of the show at 10pm.  As a reminder, please do not block neighbor driveways, and we appreciate taking your garbage with you to dispose later.  Thanks to all of our great neighbors for your ongoing support – this show is such a blessing for the community, and each year we receive up to 100 emails or messages thanking us for having this in Waconia!  The thanks goes to everyone in the neighborhood!!  We’ve also noticed more houses decorating this year compared to previous years, and the displays themselves are quite impressive!  I think it is probably time to host a neighborhood decorating contest!

Display update: 12/04/2015

We are so thankful!!!  We have experienced so many potential lighting traps – the first big snowfall, the melting snow, and the first evidence that rabbits are roaming around the yard.  No problems so far!  We ask people viewing the show to pray for one of our neighbors… everyone in Waconia, literally, except for one person, supports our show.  We do not judge the neighbor that wants us to have the lights on only one hour per week (!!!!), but please pray for that family.

Julie and the kids are off to Disney this week.  Thank you to my father-in-law and mother-in-law for taking them and giving them the gift of a lifetime.  Jonny and I are home – me because I have to work at our clinic (New Kingdom Healthcare – we started the clinic 2 years ago now) and Jonny because of his commitment to the music program at Waconia High School.  Did I tell you we have 3 new puppies?  No sleep at night as we train them to align with our family schedule, and working 80+ hrs per week at the clinic is EXTRA hard without my wife and children.  Jonny has been such a blessing – he brings our cars in from the street after the show is completed, feeds the pets, and anything else we need while the rest of the family is gone.   Thank you Jonny!!!

Please know that regardless of your beliefs, we are praying for each family that comes by to watch the show.  We are so happy for the mix of songs and pray for families that faith will be strengthened, and Christ will be glorified through this display throughout this Christmas season!!!  Blessings to all!!!

Display update: 11/27/2015

The show is up and running!  95% seems to be working well, much better than most “first days” from previous years.  There have already been 10 cars in the first few hours, which is part of why we work so hard to get this started the day after Thanksgiving.  Some families have shared with us that a stop by the display is part of their family tradition with relatives from out of town, or to start off the Christmas season!

Display update: 11/26/2015

Three new songs this year, and we are changing a bit from our previous patterns.  This year, we have two more reflective songs and one faster-paced piece.  We ran out of time to get our penguin collection placed around the yard, and today we are doing some last-minute problem solving as we prepare to start the show at 4pm 11/27!  We know everyone will give us Grace as we fine-tune parts of the display over the next few days.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Display update: 11/21/2015

We are almost there!  The great weather has allowed us more hours outside to prepare for the show.  Well, honestly, we would have been out there working on it anyway but at least we were warm this year!  Jonny and Christopher have been rock-stars this year, helping with the plugging (about 1000 things need to be plugged in) and some of the computer/programming work.  Woooo!

Display update: 10/31/2015

Our Halloween test went well, thank goodness!  As visitors come for candy and to see the lights/fog/strobes, we watch each bush, tree, structure to make sure the lights are working the way we expect.  Some things were clearly not working tonight, but it appears the fog machines and strobe lights were enough of a distraction for everyone.  Thanks all who visited!